President's Functions

1. To preside, unless prevented by reasonable cause, at all meetings of the Council and regulate the conduct of business at such meetings.

2. Watch over the financial and executive administration of the council.

3. To perform such executive functions of exercising such powers as are conferred upon him by or under the Dadra and Nagar Haveli Municipal Council Regulation, 2004 or any other law for the time being in force.

4. To exercise, supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of all officers and servants of the Council in matters of executive administration and in matters concerning the accounts and records of the Council.

5. Furnish to the Government or the Director or the Collector or any other Government officer authorised by the Government from time to time, such reports,returns or records as may be prescribed by rules or as may be called for at any time by the Government, the Director, the Collector or such officer

6. The President may, in cases of emergency, direct the execution or stoppage of any work or the doing of any act which requires the sanction of the Council and the immediate execution or doing of which is, in his opinion, necessary for the service or safety of the public, and may direct that the expenses of executing such work or doing such act shall be paid from the municipal funds.