President's Achievments


1. Rules of Silvassa Municipal Council including conduct Rules, Property Tax Rules and Advertisement Tax Rules notified on 09th February, 2018.
2. Bye-laws of Solid Waste Management passed and are being implemented from 28th March, 2018
3. Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa Municipal Council Regulation, 2004 amended to ensure security of tenure and more effective governance on 26th March, 2018
4. New organizational structure of Silvassa Municipal Council made
5. Appointment to various vacant posts in Silvassa Municipal Council
6. Medium and Subject wise visiting faculties appointed in the primary schools of SMC

1. Water Supply scheme made functional in 12 wards. Total 5065 connections given in which 19669 households are covered
2. Sewerage Treatment Plant made functional from January, 2019. The house to house connection at zone 1B given for 258 flats, and the work of providing house to house connection      is in progress
3. Timely picking of Door to Door segregated waste collection has been started in all 15 wards of Silvassa Municipal Council area, and along with this 70 common public Utility dustbins are removed to enhance the beauty of the city and to provide hygienic atmosphere.
4. Awareness campaign of Segregation of waste has been started.
5. Bulk Waste Generators have been notified to process their waste.
6. Construction of 1179 Individual Household toilets and 3 public toilets.
7. Construction of about 600 houses under PMAY started, and 33 houses has been completed under BLC component of PMAY.
8. Renovation and Maintenance of all school buildings.
9. The Govt. Center Primary School, Zanda Chowk building is under extension with 25 classrooms, 1 Library, 1 Laboratory, 1 Computer Room and 1 Staff room which will be completed in the month of March, 2019 and the building will be available from the new season
10. Giving Textbooks, notebooks, school bag, shoes & raincoats to students in schools.
11. Composting of wet waste started at several places.
12. 3054  Nos. of LED Street lights and High Mast provided in all areas of SMC. (100% LED in Silvassa Municipal Council Jurisdiction)
13. Dustbins installed in Commercial  area at every 100 meter.
14. During monsoon season, no water logging on main roads for the first time in history of Silvassa.
15. 1084 certificates issued to the Street vendors. Unauthorised Street vendors removed.
16. 15000 domestic Twin bins distributed to various societies to ensure that dry and wet waste should be separate.
17. License of Advertisement Rights for 05(five) years to display the Advertisements on hoardings in SMC area.
18. As per Advertisement Tax Rules, notices are issued to all those shop owners or household owners those who have the hoarding or advertisement of more than 40 sq.ft on their premises to increase the Revenue of Silvassa Municipal Council
19. New Modern Crematorium (Muktidham) dedicated in service of people
20. Biometric attendance of Staff of Silvassa Municipal Council.
21. 100% Digital Payment to all agencies/firms/contractors/Individual.
       Other Achievements:-

1. Silvassa Selected to become a Smart city with 1st rank
2. Silvassa has got 164th Rank in Swachh Survekshan 2018 out of 4041 cities. Last year it was 264.
3. For fast cleaning of roads, two nos. of Road cleaning Machine purchased amounting to Rs. 90,00,000/-.
4. Silvassa Municipal Council re-certified as ODF city on 07th August, 2018 and also purchased two nos. of E-toilet amounting to Rs. 7,20,000/-.
5. On 19th January, 2019, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated Silvassa Municipal Bhavan.
6. Construction of new drains at places like Dayat falia, Rohitwas, Dokmardi Ahir falia & Gaushala , Amli Mandir falia, near Prabhat School and Slab drain (Box culvert 02 Nos.) at Baldevi etc.
7. 1856 houses approved under Affordable Housing in Partnership under PMAY with a Project cost of Rs. 8054.81 lakh and Tender for the 1232 houses has been floated with a project cost of Rs. 6299.12 Lakh
8. Construction of new roads at Opp. Prabhat School Kumbharvad, Industrial Estate Amli, Bavisa falia(Kakad falia), Opp. Patel Petrol Pump(internal road), Bhasta to joining Umarkui road & Industrial bank to PWD gate, Ultan falia Warliwad & main road, etc.
9. Work order issued for water and Sewerage at remaining area of Silvassa Amli Town and the work is in progress.
10. Process to select new beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been completed, and new 477 beneficiaries under BLC has been approved.
11. Annual Maintenance contract of roads ensuring quick repair given and work is in progress.
12. Total 2299 citizens were registered in Swachhata App and Total 2077 citizens were participated in Citizen Feedback for Swachh Survekshan 2018.
13. Silvassa Municipal Council have launched Complaint Management System (online) for the citizens of Silvassa. also Toll Free no. 1800 2333 0260 launched for any queries related to waste collection and disposal.