The Municipal functions are of two types.

(i) Obligatory and

(ii) Discretionary.

       The Obligatory functions consists of;

1. Construction, Repairs and maintenance of all public road in the Municipal area.

2. The lighting of public road and places.

3. To look after the health and sanitation needs of the people.

4. To maintain the burial and cremation grounds.

5. To supply water

6. To maintain the public latrines etc.

       The Discretinary function consists of;

1. Maintenance of parts, and other recreation.

2. Establishing or maintaining public Hospital.

3. Establishing or maintaining of Pre-Primary and Secondary Education.

4. Establishing or maintaining homes for disable or destitute person.

5. Establishing or maintaining public building like Townhalls, Municipal Offices, Shops,
     Municipal Market, Theater, etc.