Duties & Responsibility of Health Officer

1. To supervise and monitor overall area of Silvassa Municipal Council be clean and hygiene.

2. To give written notice to the owner or the occupier of any building or part of a building in which a case of a dangerous disease occurs, to get such building cleaned, whitewashed or disinfected or get any article in such building cleansed or disinfected to the satisfaction of the officer issuing such notice.

3. Health Officer may at any time, by day or night, enter with or without assistants, into or upon any place in which a case of a dangerous disease is reported or suspected to exist. after giving such notice as may appear to him reasonable and without any notice in the case of factories, workshops, workplaces, offices, business places and the like, for the purposes, of inspection, investigation and adoption of such measures as he may consider necessary to prevent the spread of disease, including the removal of an infected person to any hospital or place at which persons suffering from the said disease are received far medical treatment, and to prohibit the person so removed from leaving such hospital or place without the permission of the officer or person under whose orders he was removed or of the officer in charge of such hospital or place.