Duties of Chief Officer

1. Subject to the control, direction and supervision of the Council, supervise the financial and executive administration of the Council and exercise such powers and perform such duties and functions as may be conferred or imposed upon him or alloted to him by or under the Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Municipal Council Regulation, 2004 read with DNH Municipal Council Regulation Amendments,2018

2. To take steps to give effect to all the decisions of the resolution of the Council and the Standing Committee.

       Provided that if it appears to the Chief Officer that any decision or resolution is against public interest or harmony, or is otherwise ultra vires, he shall refer the decision or the resolution to the Collector for clarification or decision, and after a clarification or decision in this regard is received from the Collector, unless otherwise directed to do so in writing by the Collector, the Chief Officer shall implement the decision or resolution.

3. To maintain and supervise the accounts and registers of the council.

4. Subject to the orders of the competent authority. take prompt steps to remove any irregularity pointed out by the Municipal Auditor.

5. Prepare budget estimates and submit them to Standing Committee.

6. Report to the President and the Committee concerned all cases of fraud, embezzlement, theft or Loss of municipal money and property.

7. Exercise supervision and control over the acts and proceedings of all the officers and servants of the Council.

8. Subject to the rules, by laws and general or special orders made under this Regulation, dispose of all questions such as the pay and allowances, leave and other privileges in respect of the officers and servants of the Council.

9. To undertake such minor repair or maintenance work as may be notified in the Official Gazette by the Government within the financial limits.